Sunday, November 25, 2007


I'll be heading out on assignment this coming Wednesday. Erik and I are flying to San Francisco and than driving south to Salinas/Gonzalez, CA. We will be shooting the second portion of an annual report I'm working on for a construction company.

Are location is a Quarry which my client owns. I'll be posting a You Tube video showing the camera and lighting equipment we'll be taking on this assignment. Look for additional posts in regards to this and images from this assignment in coming days.

When ever where required to wear hard hats, steel toed boots and safety glasses, that qualifies as an Industrial assignment. Over the past twenty some odd years I have definitely shot a lot of industrial assignments, however, I have also shot other subject matter such as Aerials, Hospitality (Hotels), Executive portraits, Health-care, Editorial and Corporate work environment type stuff. Most people including myself hate being typed cast or pigeon holed into one type of photographer. That being said, I do however, really love shooting the industrial types of subjects.

In my opinion, one of the biggest benefits of being a corporate location shooter is learning and seeing how things are built or made. My work has allowed me to travel all over the world shooting interesting subject matter and locations on someone Else's dollar.

If you are a photography student or a new photographer uncertain as to what area or field of photography to go into, I would encourage you to look into corporate location "Industrial" photography.


Will said...

Wow, that is a killer shot David! Composition, color, action, etc. When I look at it upside down I see a great "tornado" shape. Thanks for sharing your insights regarding industrial photography as well, the video will be eagerly anticipated! -Will Austin

Anonymous said...

I'll be waiting for the video as well. Just be sure to use some of that royalty free music. Heaven forbid you incur the wrath of the Copyright Gods, like what happened with the Van Halen song. While I agree with the principal, some people really get carried away with things.

Anyways, keep up the fantastic work!

Dale Estes.

David Tejada said...

Boy, that was a total DUH moment on my part. Found some nice RF music for future use. Felt really bad about that! Over and done with.

Dave said...

Thanks for posting. I'm at home with a new born baby girl and I enjoy following your adventures while I'm home bound.

Looking forward to seeing the results of your quarry trip.

Anonymous said...

....and exactly how does one get into industrial/corporate photography? I, to, love to travel and have always been fascinated by how stuff gets made.
Craig Collier