Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Doing The Dubai Bounce

One of my favorite light modifiers is a simple bounce. If you have ever attended a SSBR workshop you know this about me. I look for surfaces that available near a setting that will serve my purpose. During my 2 day Corporate/Industrial workshop, I used a nearby wall to light my subject. Here is the final image showing the results of my bounce.

The ambient light in the office was tungsten, I set my camera white balance to that and also gelled my strobe to balance with that setting. By placing a full cut CTO on my flash, I am able to produce a natural skin tone on my subject.

I placed my flash just to the left of my subject or camera right. I had a flag on the flash, preventing any raw light from striking my subject. When I bounce, I want to make certain that my subject receives only light produced from the bounce and not from the hard raw light from the flash. Here is the bounce as a reference.

At each of my workshops, I make it a point to demonstrate as many setups and modifier uses as possible. If your interested in learning how to produce studio quality light from your speedlights, join me at a Small Strobes, Big Results workshop. My next workshop will be held May 14th in Denver, for more information click HERE.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Gulf Photo Plus Workshops

It has been one hell of a month! I've spend the better part of the March on the road. I was teaching at the GPP in Dubai from the 5th of March - 15th and then at the Santa Fe Workshops 20th - 26th. I'm pooped.

The image at the top of this post was one taken during my two day Corporate & Industrial workshop. On the first day, we had access to a nice small internet company in Dubai. We arrived on location at about 4 PM and shot until 8 or 8:30 PM. This was one of the first shots we did when we arrived.

The lighting could not have been more simple. The ambient light was tungsten so the color temp. on the camera was set to that. I needed only a small kiss of light on the subjects faces, I simply placed an SB-800 with a full CTO on the keyboard of the laptop. I placed a white piece of paper to the screen of the computer and I also used the plastic Dome on the flash, the one which comes with the flash.

My workshop had both Nikon and Canon shooters, so I used a Pocket Wizard to fire the flash. I love the corporate shooting done during this workshop, I'll be showing more images in the next several posts.

I might mention that I have an up coming Small Strobes, Big Results workshop here in Denver on the 14th of May. I limit my workshops to only 12 participants allowing more one on one and hands on experience.