Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Image of the Day - 5/1/08

This photo is an out take from an assignment I shoot for the Godwin Group Advertising Agency in Jackson, Mississippi. I was commissioned to create several photos for a campaign regarding fire prevention. The window concept was shot with an open flamed candle near the window sill. The candle was going to be digitally added in post production.

I set my camera to a tungsten setting and shot a "daylight balanced" strobe through the window from outside. The shift of color temperature simulated in my mind moonlight. The art director and my assistant are lying down on the floor moving the curtains with their hands to simulate a light breeze.

Hope you like it. DT

Image of the Day - 4/30/08

Spring is a coming! I started my sprinkler system this past weekend and flowers are starting to bloom. I just love this time of year, I even got the rototiller in my garden and added some manure.

This photo was taken 2 seasons ago, these are Chives (Allium Schoenoprasum). They grow about 9 inches or so, the stems are firm, straight, smooth and flower for about two months.

My metadata tells me that I shot this using my Nikon D2X, ISO 100 with a shutter speed of 1/20th. I used my 300mm f2.8 and fired an SB-800 for some fill light. Now get in the garden!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Image of the Day - 4/29/08

This photo was taken for an engineering client of mine, their project happened to be here in Colorado close to my home. We had several shots to do of the construction activity taken place at this rock quarry. When the shift ended, we were left without employee's to photograph.

We still had time on our hand before actual sunset and we spent the time shooting equipment and other landscape type photos for the client. As we drove through the site, I noticed the setting sun positioned behind a set of conveyors. I asked Erik to walk out toward the sunset so I could put a human element in the photo. Hope you like it. DT

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Image of the Day 4/25/08

An oldie but goody. The Sax man! I shot this some 25 years ago when I moved to Denver to start my business. I was out shooting Denver skylines with a friend when I noticed that he had a saxophone in the back of his car. I pulled out the instrument and had my friend Kevin play the sax with his shadow being casted on the brick wall. Simple, clean and graphic. DT

Denver Art Museum

I was recently in downtown Denver with my son and his friend Alex shooting pictures for their digital photo class at their middle school. They needed certain shots around downtown and I volunteered to take them.

As the boys collected the images they where looking for, I took the opportunity to shoot the New Denver Art Museum. The building looks like it may fall over at any moment, unusual angles and fun graphic shapes to work with.

I've been shooting with this G9 for about a 1/2 a year now and just love it. Beautiful files, sharp and it shoots movies. If your looking for a snap and shoot type camera, I recommend it highly.

As you can see, the building is a bit strange with lots of fun angles to shoot.

Image of the Day - 4/24/08

Sometime ago, I found myself in Savannah, GA on assignment for El Paso Energy. After a day of shooting for my client, I had a chance to wonder the shore of the Savannah River in the historic district of Savannah and do some shooting for myself.

This is a photo of the Talmadge Memorial cable-stayed bridge crossing the Savannah River. The bridge was completed in 1991, has a main span of 1100 ft. and a total length of 1.9 miles.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Image of the Day - 4/23/08

This photo was taken sometime ago while on assignment in Northern Chile for Cyprus Minerals. I came across this beautifully colored pond on the mining property I was photographing. I learned that it was a settling pond of Lithium, I just love how the color of the lithium pond plays against the blue of the high altitude sky. Hope you like it. DT

Monday, April 21, 2008

Image of the Day - 4/22/08

This photo was taken late last year on a trip to the Winchester Mystery House in N. California. I love the play of light streaming down the wall from a skylight above the hallway. Canon G9 once again.

Koehler Bright Star Shoot

Here is a video from a recent shoot underground in a coal mine. I was shooting for Koehler Bright Star, a manufacturer of miners headlamps. I was commissioned to photograph there product in use for a large trade show display they are putting together. I hope you enjoy it!

Image of the Day - 4/21/08

I'm sitting here in front of my computer editing images and thought I'd post one from my archives.

This photo was taken at the Whaley House in San Diego, CA. I was there on vacation with my family and some friends earlier this year. I shot this image with my Canon G9.

The Whaley House is a classic example of mid nineteenth century Greek Revival architecture.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Keith Richards-Louis Vuitton Ad

Wanted to bring this Ad to your attention. When I saw this ad in Esquire magazine and I was blown away by the execution of the photograph. It all about the lighting, just beautiful!

Did some research on the web and learned that Annie Leibovitz (not my favorite photographer) had shot the ad for Ogilvy & Mather.

I really think this is an outstanding image and I just thought I'd let you know.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Beauty Dish for SB-800

I was researching on line for light modifiers for speed lights and ran across Viewfinder Photography based in England. They sell a kit containing several attachment for speed lights, the kit includes a snoots with grids, a beauty dish with grids & colored gels and a diffusion globe.

The complete kit sells for 139.99 pounds, with today's current exchange rate that equals to $275.00. dollars U.S. That's a bit to much to pay for in my book. I did find just the beauty dish for sale on there web site at a cost of about $175.00 dollars U.S. still to much.

I was digging around the Flickr and found 2 photographers who had build their own beauty dish, Nick Haskins and Tyler Burk. In building my beauty dish, I followed Tyler's design how ever I added a mirror inside of the return.

If you want to make your own beauty dish, follow Tyler's instructions except add a convex mirror inside of the return. I'm including photos here showing more of the process I took in making my beauty dish. This project only took an hour, easy and fun to do.

These are the parts you need to make your beauty dish.

Here I used the gutter part from H.D. to mark my cut.

Here you are seeing the CD case as it will appear in the dish prior to cutting a hole in it.

Here I am aligning the gutter devise on the back of the CD case to mark where I need to cut my opening for the strobe head. I should caution you on the cutting of the openings on your dish, I used a utility knife which worked very well. As you know, sometime those things can get away from you-be careful.

I drilled a hole in the corner of my markings in order to start my actual cuttings, you may not need to do this.

In the above photos you can see the hole in the bottom of the bowl has been cut out and the gutter devise is pushed through in order to check fit.

This is a view of the face of the beauty dish with gutter devise and than the cut CD case over the top of the gutter thing. In the photos below you can see the fasteners in place, I used the holes in the gutter thing as a guide for drilling holes through the bowl and CD case.

The photo below show the inside of the CD case, the end which the strobe fires into. I glued a CD to the inside/top of the case and than put a convex mirror on top of that. It was my thought that the mirror would help to disperse the light more evenly. I pick up the 3 1/2 inch mirror at a local auto supply store for $2.39.

The image below shows you what the dish looks like finished and painted. I have also attached additional images of the light for your review.

This was a fast and easy DIY project, it took no time at all.

Some additional information regarding dish light: It seems I lose about a stop and a half of light. I am also attaching the photos below so you can see the velco strap around the back of the flash head.

Here are two photos to compare the light quality using the dish. The first is of Ian with bare flash and the second using the beauty dish.