Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lighting a small CAD room

I am currently working on an annual report for a large construction company based in California. The first lag of the assignment took Erik and I to Yakima, WA and Ogden UT.

The video I've attached here is from the Yakima portion of the trip. My client has a "HOT PLANT" (Asphalt plant) in Yakima and a recently remodeled office they wanted photographed. This video is of a young lady seated in front of a CAD computer in a very very small room in recently remodeled offices. You will hear the audio of me working with my model giving direction to her. I'm simply looking for a natural body position of the subject, trying various things to create a natural looking moment. The fact is, the subjects I photograph are not professional models and it is my job to put them at ease and to find a "comfortable & natural" pose for them and me.

I used 2 SB-800 strobes to lite the room. The main light has a CTO filter on the strobe head and the flash has a snoot on it to contain the light to just the subject. The second light is bounced into the ceiling to provide a fill light. This strobe has a CTB filter attached to the head of the flash. This flash provide the base of cool blue in the room. The main light over powers the fill to provide an natural skin tone to the subject.

I hope you enjoy the video, please let me know if you would like to see more of these and perhaps what kind of information you would like to see.

Here is an example of a photo from this series that did not work for me. In this shot, the back of the chair is blocking my view of the maps I placed in the rack behind my subject.

I will be posting other images from this assignment in the next several posts. I have several other location to shoot for this assignment. I'll be traveling to St. Louis, California (Monterey, Sacramento, Yosemite), Key Largo, FL and other locations not yet known.


Timothy Thompson said...

David, this is a very informative video and I would greatly enjoy and appreciate seeing more like them. The direction given the "model" is very instructive and very helpful. Thanks so much.

Martin Joergensen said...


I for one would certainly love to see more videos from your shoots. They are both educating and entertaining - and spark a bit of envy too... ;-)

I love the way you put filters on your strobes - although I found the girl at the CAD station a bit too warm/cold contrasty.

But keep up the good work anyhow and please post more videos. If I could request anything it would be examples of combining flash(es) and natural outdoors light. I shoot most of my pics outdoors (fly fishing photos) and love combining flash and natural light, which I find myself doing more and more.


Unknown said...

This is brilliant David. Thanks for doing this.

I first started following your blog after your interview.

Will Foster said...

Hey David, I just wanted to let you know that your videos are really helpful for teaching me how to communicate with my subject/models and posing them. Also, on how to make it more interesting for the subject/model! Thanks! ~ Will

Anonymous said...

Great videos, I have wathced them all. Can you show us the shots that didnt work for you? I want to see why you moved her chair. For me to fully understand what works in the final shot I need to see what does not work in the earlier ones.


David Tejada said...

Quite simply, the back of the chair was blocking my view of the maps I place in the rack behind her.

Jürgen said...

Hi David,

thanks for sharing the video. It shows once again that it is not the quantity of the equipment counts, but the quality of the brain operating it.

Richard Jungschläger said...

Nice one! Will have to do something quite similar this month :)

I love the vids and keep coming back for more!



Anonymous said...

This is classic Tejada. I am going to use this approach as inspiration for a corporate shot at a radio station. You, Dave Hobby, and McNally are the masters.