Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cover Shot & Easy Portrait

I recently photographed this charming lady for the cover of a company magazine. She is a top sales person in her district and the company she is employed by wanted to feature her on there magazine.

This was truly a quick set-up, just one light and a reflector.

The first thing I did when I arrived on location was to check the ambient light. The color temp as well as intensity. I realized that I would not be able to light the entire space and therefore, I would have to filter for the color temperature in the room. The light hanging from the ceiling are a High pressure Mercury vapor type light. My experience tells me that the color temp is close to florescent lighting, at least it will get me close.

I sent my camera (Nikon D2X) to a florescent setting for white balance, and I place a green filter (came with strobe) on the strobe to balance with the "florescent white balance" set on the camera. In effect, turning your strobe into a florescent flash. Here is a diagram showing the set up.

Here is the second set up I was asked to do by my client. They wanted a simple head shot of the subject for the profile to be written about her.

Of course I have the same ambient light situation as before, H.P.M.V. lighting. I kept the same camera white balance (florescent) and used the same green filter on the strobe.

I used two additional lights for this portrait. One as a hair light clamped to a decorative panel behind the subject and a second light used to light the panel.

I've been shooting location corporate work for more than 20 years, specializing in annual reports and other business collateral material.

Additional work can be seen at my home web site TEJADAPHOTO.COM. I shoot for all kinds of industries, I seem to shoot a lot of industrial type of assignments.


Anonymous said...

I love everything about the photo EXCEPT for her left hand. It looks way out of scale to the rest of the woman. What focal legnth were you shooting with?

David Tejada said...

Your right. Her left hand appears larger, I was using a 12-24mm zoom. I was using a wide angle lens in order to show the size of the showroom.