Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Quarry Light Equipment

Here is the second installment of the equipment I'm taking on this current assignment. This small Lightware case holds most of the lighting gear. 4 Nikon SB-800's, PocketWizards,2 Bogen stands and some grip equipment.

I'm currently on location shooting and will continue to post while out. Anyway, here is the video of the light gear taken on this assignment. Feel free to contact me regarding questions. DT


Anonymous said...

Hi David, just found your blog, really interesting!

i can't figure out what's the name of the color balance device you have in your bag? (english is not my first language...)

I understand the need for this device when shooting films, but do you use this when shooting digital as well?

thanks for your time!

Xavier Jacome said...

Hi David, I am in the process to pack my lighthing and grip gear in differentt cases, I sow your video and I wonder what zise or model of lightware do you use?

Jay Petermen said...

Hi David, great information about toting around a small lighting setup.

I use a Dakine Ridge backpack that carriers the my body, lenses, filters, DVD player, MP3, etc in a Dakine Camera Block.

I have been reading up on different "carry on" cases for my lighting setup (basically two strobist setups). I like the lightware cases and some hard cases like the iM2500 Storm Case.

The one thing I can not get my head around, is were does the tripod go. It will not fit in the backpack or the lightning bag.

Were do you carry yours?

David Tejada said...

Hi Craig: Thanks for reading my blog. I carry my tripod in a lightware case or in my personal luggage.