Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Nikon V2 In My Bag

I recently purchased a used Nikon V2 with two lenses on eBay for a great price.  The V2 has a small sensor with a crop factor of X2.7, which really increases the length of my longer lenses.  The image quality looks good in the lower ISO range, actually I'm impressed.
I used my Nikon V2 yesterday on assignment shooting for an Oil & Gas company.  The photo above was shot using my manual focus 300mm f/2.8 with a X2 converter.  With a crop factor of 2.7, the focal length equals a 1620mm lens. Here is another image shot at sunset the night before.
My new Nikon V2 has earned a spot in my camera bag. Here is another image with just the 300mm on the V2, effective length of lens is 810mm.  This was shot from the ground looking up to the deck of the drilling platform.