Wednesday, August 22, 2012


This past weekend was another SSBR workshop in Denver.  My model was a wonderful young lady named Alexa.  In this photo, I placed Alexa right next to an inside window.  I taped a sheet of ripstop nylon to the outside of the window, and shot my SB-800 through the nylon sheet. 

Here Alexa lit using one SB-800 fitted with a full cut CTO gel on the flash head, simulating late afternoon sunlight.  I projected the flash through a acetate I painted with patterned leafs, this produces a nice dapple effect on the wall.

In this last photo, Alexa put on a football uniform and I did a 4 light sports look.  The key light is a FourSquare™ with one SB-800, 2 SB-800's with grids fitted with a full CTO giving me some warmth on the kicker.  I have one last SB-800 directed on the wall just behind her.  DT