Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Wanted to take just a few words to wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving. I also wanted to wish all of our brave men and women serving in our Armed Forces a Happy Thanksgiving as well. Thanks so much for all that you do keep us safe and preserving our freedom. I salute you.

The photo to the left here was shot on a recent personal trip to Northern California. I had always wanted to visit Garrapata Beach since reading stories about Edward Weston's many photos of this location. My family and I walked down to Garrapata Beach on the Monterey Peninsula to see this location.

What a wonderful place, strange rock formations and beautiful surf. The sky was a bit overcast, the type of diffused light I like for shooting this type of subject matter. If it had been sunny, I would of also made it work, but I would prefer the weather we had.

It seems that I've had quite an increase in emails and comments on my blog as well as You Tube. I wanted to thank all of you for visiting my blog and hope that the information I'm passing on is helpful. When I was starting out, we didn't have access to kind of information available to us. Isn't the web wonderful!

What the heck, I'll post another shot taken during the trip mentioned above. This time I'll show you? Let me look, be right back.... Found it.

The photo was taken at the San Francisco Maritime Museum, San Francisco. We walked onto an old ferry which use to carry cars and passengers. I was sitting down in the pilot house and saw this wonderful patten on the ceiling. Thought it made an interesting shot. Anyway, there you have it. Happy Thanksgiving. DT

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