Monday, November 19, 2007

Putting Anne to rest.

For those of you who did not realize, my Father and Step Mother both passed away several months ago. Anne passed away 4/12/07 and my Father on 7/16/07.

It was Anne's wishes to have her ashes placed at several lawn bowling clubs throughout California. Anne was a singles women's champion in the early 80's, she loved bowling and even got my dad into it.

Soon after Anne passed away, my father health declined. He was only able to place Anne's ashes at one of 7 locations she listed. After my dad's passing and some time to take care of family matters, my family and I took Anne ashes to Northern California.

My family and I where able to squeeze in some vacation time for ourselves while in CA. I took only a Snap and shoot camera with me. I wanted to show you some of the images taken while there. I was shooting with a Canon G9.

We had about 6 days to noodle around as well as placing Anne at her request locations. We saw the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA, Monterey Bay and San Francisco. I shot all of these pictures using the camera in manual mode. Kinda liberating just traveling with a lite weight camera that produces some fine images. Let me know what you think of the images, hope you enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Hi David,

It's pretty strange to see those beautiful pictures while I've just read you recently lost two dear ones. Let the beauty and timeless feel of the pictures be a tribute to your dad and step mom.

Anonymous said...

Very kind of you to make sure her wishes were carried out. Amazing how you can make snap and shoot photography just a beautiful as a well composed studio shoot. I guess The higher up has a hand on that.. making even the most simple things beautiful, and right there to be captured and enjoyed. The day after Thanksgiving and I'm thankful to have found your site with so much information to read on.

Joanna said...

That's a great collection of shots. Thanks for sharing.