Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

Sunset on Lido Beach tonight. I just love walking the beach looking for sand dollars and other beautiful shells. My feet are sore and I'm pooped. Here are a few more pic's shot with my G9.

More tomorrow for sure!


Geza Darrah said...

good to see you're enjoying the beaches - there's a few gems here if you can drive a bit (20min or so) and some good eats off the beaten path. Also the Art Center in Sarasota has a photo exhibit with Steven Katzman images and others. (I have to plug ArtCenter Manatee as well since I work for them, i wish we had a photo show on the walls!) get in touch via my blog/google etc and I can give you my 2 cents of the SRQ/Bradenton area!


Brian Reyman said...

Great pictures - Florida looks very relaxing. I espeically like the shot of the umbrella.

David Tejada said...

Geza. Thanks for your comments and offers of info about Sarasota and surrounding area.

My wife use to live here and we have visited here often. I'll look into the Art Center in Sarasota if time permits.

I know one thing for sure, we're going to Yoder's for peanut butter cream pie!

ingalbraith said...

it rained today....pity us.

Erik H. Pronske, M.D. said...

Nice shots of the beach. My daughter is at school at Ringling in Sarasota. The school has a discount at a hotel on Lido Beach so we always stay on Lido Beach. Great place. Here is a link to one of my sunset shots http://www.pbase.com/epronske/image/87473254

Erik (Death Valley workshop)