Monday, May 26, 2008

Gone Fishing

We're in Sarasota, FL. It's great being on vacation! We bought some fishing poles at Kmart, rather than renting for the week, much cheaper in the long run.

Debbie was the big winner, she caught 5 of the eight, I got 2 and Chris 1. What a great day. Here's Chris on the bridge fishing, the new Ringling bridge in the background.

Below is the new Ringling bridge below. This bridge replaces an older draw bridge that was in place for years.

We also managed to provide a fish for a local bird waiting for a kind soul, I'm such a sucker. I'm having fun!

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Stephen said...

On the off chance that a) there's something good on, and b) you feel like a movie some evening while you're in Sarasota, the Burns Court Theater is a great place to go. How much more civilized can going to the movies get than sipping a nice glass of wine while a really good movie plays out on the screen?

And, just in case, there's a nice looking restaurant right next door.