Monday, May 12, 2008

High Speed Sync-CLS

Ian was over today, it's wonderful to have him around to help with lighting tests. I'm pretty tired of shooting myself all the time. We shot this in my backyard using the following equipment. Octagonal soft box, (also known as an Octa Box), 3 Nikon SB-800 speedlights attached to the Octa with Justin Clamps, D300 and a 24mm - 85mm lens.

The SB's where set to remote and all where placed on the same channel and group. I shot the above photo of Ian at 1/8000 second @ f/2.8. 24mm length on the zoom. When using High Speed Sync, the flash strength really diminishes quickly as you increase your shutter speed above the normal sync speed of 1/320 sec.

At 1/8000 sec. the Octa box needed to be about 2 1/2 - 3 feet from Ian's face. As I slowed the shutter to 1/5000 sec. I needed to reduce the power on the strobes. I should mention that I was firing the strobes via in camera CLS command on the D300.

I just love the quality of light when pumped through some diffusion. I lose about a stop of light when doing so. You can see some sunlight on Ian's shoulder on the right.

It would be great if Nikon produced a larger more powerful strobe that still uses the Creative Lighting System with high speed sync. I'm sure if they did, it would cost a bundle.

If been asked to provide a photo how I fastened the strobes to the Octa box. Here is a photo of the 3 Justin clamps in place.

Here is a sample photo using my new Beauty Dish. Nice quality light but very weak when trying to use high speed sync, just not enough power.


xl_photog said...

Were all 3 SBs on the same justin clamp. I'd like to see a photo of that setup.
Love you work. Glad you are back to semi-regular postings.

David Tejada said...

I used 3 Justin Clamps.

Hassler Photography said...

I also enjoy your postings a lot, and thanks for sharing your knowledge.

I'd also love to see a picture of how you used the three Justin clamps to attach the strobes to the Octa.

Unknown said...

Great looking light others have said, you're posts are terrific.

Re the high speed sync - the Nikon system is superb but working distance can be a headache and claustrophobic for sitters!

I caught this image of water poured over a spoon at 1/2500th, gelled with a cto. I was at a friends house and so didn't have a snoot to hand so used an empty Pringles tube to concentrate the flash light.