Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our First Day

Very Busy! 646 Images shot today. This is one of them, shot in the supply room for the hospital. I lit this shot using 2 SB-800's, one mounted on a Justin Clamp, bounced off the shelves in front of the subject and the second strobe on the floor behind the subject lighting the background.

It's late, more tomorrow. DT


starrman said...

I just wanted to say, "What a great blog". Nice job...I will definately be back :)


Craig Lee said...

I've been lurking your site for awhile now. Just thought I'd say that I enjoy your photographs and your videos are always on my list to watch.

By the way, this blog got mentioned on the Photoshop User TV podcast. So, you might have been getting some more traffic than usual.