Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Day in Scottsbluff

You should see this schedule, my client has compiled a list of shots that's just unbelievable. They have something to be shot every 10 minutes or so, that would also include brake down and set up time... Anyway, we do what we can to accommodate the client realizing that not all the photos on the list are going to get done. We have another trip planned up here in June to shoot another list of photo want that will be equally impressive I'm sure.

Here is a shot we did at the end of the day today. Shot this using High Speed Sync on my Nikon D300 and one SB-800 with Omni Dome attached.


Phil said...

Did you shoot this picture with the helicopter in the hanger and (obviously) back lit by the open door?

David Tejada said...

Yes. That's exactly what I did.