Wednesday, May 07, 2008

WORKSHOP - Small Strobes, Big Results

I have some very exciting news to share with the readers of my blog. I have been asked by Reid Callanan, Director of the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops to teach a location lighting class this coming winter.

I'm really excited to have this opportunity to share my 25 years of location light experience with the students who sign up for my class. My workshop is titled Small Strobes, Big Results and is scheduled for March 29th - April 4, 2009.

The workshop will be an intense week of hands on shooting, lectures and demonstrations by yours truly! There are wonderful locations to shoot in and around Santa Fe, we'll be going on location to practice our lighting skills.

If you haven't been to a Santa Fe Workshop before, it will be one of the most memorable experiences ever. I attended my first workshop at Santa Fe back in 1993 and most recently this past winter. I'm still talking about that first workshop experience today. Honestly, you spend a week doing what you love and you do so with others that enjoy the same. I have met some very wonderful friends at the workshops and I know you will to.

If you are a fan of Strobist, I know you'll have a wonderful time in my workshop. We'll be discussing lighting of all aspects, using our speedlights and other battery strobes. If you feel comfortable using your camera and less so your flash, and would like to master portable lights, this workshop is for you.

Participants of this workshop will learn to how to effectively control the light quality, direction, and shape from their small strobes. You’ll learn how to use soft boxes, grids, snoots, reflectors, colored gels and bounce techniques. You’ll learn how to select which techniques are best suited to a particular subject and scene. I'll also be discussing grip equipment for proper rigging, packing and preparing for location assignments.

Our mornings will be devoted to lectures, demonstrations and critiques; the remainder of the day will be spent practicing lighting techniques on campus and on location in and around Santa Fe. By weeks end, participants will have gain confidence in their lighting skills and a strong foundation for developing their own lighting techniques and style.

I hope your interested in coming to my workshop and I look forward to meeting all those who attend. Am not certain when registration begins for this workshop, you might want to contact The Santa Fe Photographic Workshops for more information about that.


Ron said...

Sign me up.

I'm going to another workshop this year and really like the folks at Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.

See you next year.

Paulo Rodrigues said...

Never mind that, when are you coming to London :)

David Tejada said...

Paulo- You put something together, I'll be there! I love London.