Monday, May 05, 2008

Image of the Day - 5/5/08

Cinco de Mayo! Sitting here this morning with Fawkes, my African Grey parrot on my shoulder blogging. What a great bird!

Anyway, shot this in Puerto Vallarta a year ago last Christmas while on vacation with a good friend. I was using my old Olympus snap and shoot.


Toni said...

cool shot! just found out about you through prophotolife. Watching some of your videos now. Is that a digital mat on your POD? What are the dimensions? (photo and border?) It's so nice and clean! I've got two photos that I need to display in my living room above my TV and am toying with the presentation of them. I have 16x20 frames, so I'm just wondering how big to make the image before adding a border.

David Tejada said...

Not certain, just set it up so it looks nice? DT