Thursday, May 08, 2008

Buddy, have you got a strobe?

I've always enjoyed a good cigar. You know, I was never able to get this one lit. You see, I was using a small strobe hidden in my hand to simulate the lighting of this cigar.

I bought a small strobe from a garage sale about 15 years ago for about 5 bucks and hacked it. I removed the small flash tube from the casing of the strobe and extended it with about 20 inches of wire, sort of a strobe on a rope.

By placing this small flash tube in my hand and hiding the wire, I am able to produce images like the one here.

This really is a cheap strobe, ever heard of a focal M200? You see these types of strobes at garage sales and second hand stores everywhere. For a few buck, it's worth hacking your own and exploring way of using it. Lighting a cigar seemed a logical use, I'm sure you can find others as well.

Attached to the bottom of the flash is a photo slave I had laying around the studio. We used another strobe in the room to fire this one.

You can see here how small the flash tube is, I still needed to knock back the out put using tissue paper over the flash tube.


Erik Lawrence said...

cool shot! where has that been hiding?

StrongCycle said...

Interesting shot. But do you realize there is high voltage going through those tiny wires? Nothing fatal, but definitely nothing enjoyable. This is from my experience of being shocked multiple times by high power (i.e. could be fatal) AC lines.

Christian Davies said...

Nice shot. Are your eyes shut because thats how you light cigars or was the flash a touch bright?

Ron said...

I have to point out that strobes, even little battery powered ones use lethal operating voltages.
While the power is low you should exercise caution with these things.

Just a suggestion.

Cool shot by the way, I'll try the same with a Morris mini strobe.

Terry said...

"Focal" was a house brand sold by K-Mart back as far as the 1970's.

Cool hack job, nice cigar. Hopefully you got to enjoy the smoke after the shot.

Jim Poor said...

Pretty cool. I bet you could do some fun things with this mod and a Jack 'O Lantern :D

Maybe even ad a quick release connector plug to make wiring things up from the inside a little easier.