Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lancaster County, PA

What a wonder place to visit! The scenery is stunning and the photo opportunities are plentiful. I'm back from a week vacation in the Amish land of Lancaster County, PA. Spent a week in Strusburg, PA doing the tourist stuff, Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, Eastern State Penitentiary and the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, Also spent a day in the historic town of Gettysburg looking at battle grounds and learning some new history.

One of the really fun things that I did was to go on a ghost hunt at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia.  I had an opportunity to walk the dark hallways of the old place, the prison was build in the early 1800's.  Very Creepy!

Using a tripod, I shot this 6 second exposure of the guard tower,  I added a bit of light using my flashlight during the exposure. 

This is what the place looks like during daylight hours.  Long hallways with small cells on either side. It's really a cool place to visit if you have the chance.

As I mentioned earlier, the scenery around Lancaster County, PA is beautiful.  Here are some of the results from an outing shooting sunrise.  I only had one opportunity to shoot a sunrise and one sunset but I'm happy with what I came back with.

I might also mention that I have 3 more spots open for the August 23 Small Strobes, Big Results workshop in Denver.  If your interested in attending, please contact me soon. DT


Unknown said...

I grew up in western PA and always enjoy the Lancaster County area. My favorite time to travel back home is October, though. Cooler temps and wonderful fall color.

Anonymous said...

Nice angle. Check out mine.. hmmm

David Tejada said...

Scott: Like your angle as well. Isn't it a cool place? Love to hold a workshop there. DT

Anonymous said...

I would be there in a 'flash' *drum kick*

Brad Shearer said...

Lovely photos, I've always enjoyed the rolling green hills of that area.

I'm up in State College, PA
If you ever decide to hold a workshop in central PA, I would definitely sign up.

Craig Lee said...

Looks like you had a great vacation. Very picturesque area. Did you take these with your G9 since you were on vacation? Or did you take along one of your DSLRs?

Billy Crafton said...

Pretty interesting! You might also check out the Mansfield Reformatory.

It's an interesting site to shoot.

It is a very cool place for HDR or flash photography. I focused on HDR while I was there.

David Tejada said...

Billy: Really cool place, hope to visit there sometime! Nice shots.