Monday, July 28, 2008

First Day of Shooting

Yesterday I was able to get a few shot in the can.  When I arrived at camp, I had to go through the usual safety and regulation training regarded of all new camp arivials. Though out my career I have probably sat through about a hundred of these thing but I had never been told "not to get eaten by a bear" 

After my training was complete and they had my signature of about 20 forms, I started to looking at maps of the site to get oriented.  It was becoming clear to me that the camp had not made plans to provide an escort for my visit and it was going to be left up to me to find my way around.  I was given a radio and was sent on my way to do "what ever it is you do".  When ever I needed to go somewhere, I would radio Keith the helicopter pilot and he would take me there.  How cool is that!

Since this is an exploration camp, the only real activity up here is drilling and the associated activity that comes with it.  You have drillers, geologist, surveyor's, environmental personnel such as biologist's.  

I assembled a group of three individuals to photograph, a surveyor and a couple of biologist.  I radioed the pilot and had Keith toke us to some of the more scenic areas on the property.  We flew for about 10 minutes to a remote (it all remote up here) location that had some cliffs and nice relief.  I set placed a surveyor on a rock and used cliffs and water as backdrops for a photo. I also used this location to set up a biologist with a gaming scope to photograph.

Did I happen to mention how bad the mosquito are up here.  I've been provide a bug jacket like the one here being worn by this biologist checking out native flowers.

Another very important aspect to the work that is being done in the field in caring for the wildlife.  This is Michelle, she is a one of the lead biologist in charge of monitoring the animal movement and safety.  We have stopped here to look at some arctic fox dens and other areas that she monitors.  

I've actually just finished shooting my second day here in the north.  I'll be headed to Winnipeg tomorrow morning and spending the night. I'll post several other photos from todays shoot tomorrow.  DT

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hhgabriel said...

Have you seen other bears today? Chicago has many.Be safe.