Monday, July 07, 2008

I'm a bit Overwhelmed

I would like to thank all of you that have expressed interest in hosting a Small Strobes, Big Results workshop! I can't began to tell you how overwhelmed I am from such a response. I've had requests from all over the country and around the world, it just blows my mind. Locations from Arkansas, Atlanta, Maine, California, Texas, Washington, Detroit, Canada, Austria, Middle East, Malaysia and Nova Scotia.

I would love to hold workshops at each of these locations as time permits. I'll be in contact with interested hosts as my schedule allows. There is one location in Arlington, TX that I am very interested in and it could be the next location.  Details later.

As you know, I'm still actively shooting assignments for clients and my assignment work is my first priority and my main source of income. I decided to offer lighting workshops because of the numerous request from the readers of my blog and the fact that I enjoy sharing my knowledge with young photographers. I thought I could slowly dip my feet into teaching workshops and over time eventually develop it into a full time business, when I no longer no wanted to pursue assignment work. Instead of dipping my feet in, I feel as though I have jumped off the high dive.  I love teaching, and look forward to bringing Small Strobes, Big Results workshops near you.

This has been an incredible year for me! Next week I will be honoring my father memory, his 1 year anniversary of his death. I miss him very much and wish that he could still be in my daily life to share all the wonderful things that have happened to me this year. Even though he's not here physically, I know that he shares in my joy and successes.  

Next week I'll be on vacation with family and friends in Pennsylvania.  Will be visiting Gettysburg  and the Amish county of Lancaster, PA.  If things work out the way I hope they will, I'll have an opportunity to meet Mr. Strobist,  David Hobby.   We've spoken on the phone once or twice and have exchanges several email, but have never met in person.  I hope to have that opportunity!

I have an up coming assignment that should be fun.  On July 26th, I'll be heading up to the Canadian Arctic to shoot for a new client.  I'll be on assignment until the 31st, back in time for the August 2nd "Small Strobes, Big Results" workshop. You can count on at least one post regarding this trip maybe even two!


Anonymous said...

Hi David,
Interesting to see youre visiting Lancaster, PA. Im a local photographer and avid reader of your blog.

If youre looking for a specific place to shoot, drop me a line.

Christian Davies said...

Hi David,

Great to see your much deserved successs. I hope though you can still find time to make those fantastic videos which brought me to your blog in the first place.

Maybe see you down in Australia sometime too.

David Tejada said...

Christian: Thanks for you kind words, I still plan on making videos! No change just more work...

Don J said...

I am interested in the TX workshop... Come on down!

David Tejada said...

Arlington, TX is looking like a real possibility. I'll keep you posted.

Your not the "real" Don Johnson are you?