Thursday, July 23, 2009

High Speed Sync-CLS

Shortly after returning from my speaking engagement at the UPAA in New York and holding my Buffalo SSBR workshop I shot the above photo. This was the second time I had visited this location in the past 12 months. It is a project that Bechtel is building for the United States government. I posted about my first visit HERE

The gentleman featured above is Terry Wells, Terry has received a special award for safety and his employer wanted a photo of him for their magazine. I arrived in Pueblo, CO on location at about noon, not your best time to be shooting for sure!

I had the same constraints shooting at this location as my previous visit. Being that we are on a military base with chemical weapons and such, I could not show any recognizable details of the location. I found the only spot of shade that had a view of some construction work behind Terry.

I used my new FourSquare™ with 2 SB-800's inside to provide the light. I used high speed sync in order to shorten my DOF. The photo was taken at 1/2000 @f4.5 Without the ability to use high speed sync, I would have been forced to use a much smaller aperture which would have increased my DOF. If I had used an aperture of say f22, I might have included details at our location that the military might have found objectionable.

Just like my last visit, all my images where screened by a special security detail before we left the premises. Here is another image for the shoot.


rushingray said...

I really dig that second image. Gotta love nikon.

Unknown said...


Every time I read your blog I want to spend money. I want the radio poppers and the 4 square your going to kill my bank account if you keep this up.

I love the ability to use High-Speed-Sync to make photos at high noon that give you the deep blues. Did you use the radio poppers on this also??

Richard van Hoek Fotografie said...

Hello David,

Why did you use the 4 square with a softbox instead of a white shoot through paraplu. Is there a big difference in lightning. It's sometimes a little bit disapointing that in the Netherlands where I live, things as for instance the radiopoppers en the foursquare are not available. Do you now of it's possible to serve your camera on a distance with the radiopoppers?