Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Small Strobes, Big Results in Pajamas?

Not exactly. I'll be conducting two Small Strobes, Big Results workshop at a former Pajama Factory in Williamsport, PA located in N. Central Pennsylvania. The workshops will be held on the 7th & 8th of November.

Mark your calendar, the last time I was in PA both workshops sold out. This location consists of 300,000 square feet of floor area throughout a complex of 8 interconnected brick buildings, ranging in height from 3-5 stories. The wood floors are typically 50'-60' wide and ceilings are 12' high. At the heart of this complex is the courtyard which currently houses an outdoor pavilion, a patio with seating and a sculpture garden.

Here are a few more photos of the interior of the location we'll be shooting at. Plenty of space for creating some fun photos, and learning new lighting techniques.

This looks like a great location to shoot in, I'm looking forward to shooting various models in this setting. Like all Small Strobes, Big Results workshops, I'll be teaching all sorts of lighting techniques throughout the day. During our most recent workshop in Buffalo, we shot the following images.

A Small Strobes workshop will demystify location lighting, and will put you on the path of self expression using your lights. We have a lot of fun during these workshops! I'm not a real technical kinda guy, I give it to you straight and in a format that is truly understandable.

By the way, I'm in the process of putting together the Small Strobes, Big Results workshop schedule for 2010. I would like to conduct workshops in the following locations: England, Austria, Hawaii, New York, Florida, Texas, Ohio and perhaps North or South Carolina. If you have an interest in hosting a workshop in one of these locations or another location, I'd like to here from you. Just email me and we can see if we can put something together for you.

I have also designed and conducted special workshops for private business and professional organizations like the VA Hospitals. If you think your business or organization would benefit from a special Small Strobes, Big Results workshop, drop me a line. DT


Jeremy said...

Hey David,
I feel like I've got my hands around lighting, and definitely using my camera. I am comfortable working with models and clients in a studio, but I'm "suffering" a bit in understanding how to go about finding good alternative locations to shoot in. How does one find or go about finding an "available empty former pajama factory" to shoot in??

I would really love to make the rest of 2009 about doing location work and getting my butt out of my studio.


nelsonh said...

Hi David...any chance of bringing SSBR to the Seattle/Pacific Northwest?? There's a lively and active photography 'scene' here and I'm sure you'd see great interest.

David Tejada said...
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David Tejada said...

As a matter of fact, I'd love to bring a SSBR workshop to the Northwest! I would need to find someone that is will to host a workshop at their location, one that provide an interesting location to shoot at.

I am also very interested in going to Raleigh/Durhman, NC. If you live in that part of the county and would like to host a workshop, please let me know. DT

Montana Eats said...

What? No Montana Workshops???

David Tejada said...

Hey Montana: Let's talk!

Shawn Miller said...

Thanks for coming to Williamsport! I talked with a few people about trying to get your workshop here, I'm excited that you are coming! I'll definitely be marking my calendar. The PJ factory is great, I'm trying to get some studio space there soon.

Thanks again,
Shawn Miller

David Tejada said...

Hi Shawn: Be sure to forward a check in order to secure your spot. I can't hold a place for you without it. DT