Sunday, May 24, 2009

Studio & Lightroom Tether

I received an email from a former student of mine who hosted our Orange County, CA, Small Strobes, Big Results Workshop. Jon sent me a link to a software developer "MountainStorm" who has produced a wonderful application that allows you to shoot tethered. You need to be a Mac user and shooting with Nikon, Canon or Fuji.

You can remote control your camera & onscreen display of camera settings, Nikon LiveView (recording coming soon), and Instant import of images into Adobe Lightroom; no waiting for Lightroom to detect the images. This is some really nice software!

This is a free plugin for Lightroom v2. Make sure you make a donation if you like this tool and find it useful. Please give it a try.


Mel Haynes, Jr said...

David, thanks for bringing this application to my attention. I was just looking for something just like this. I will be donating to this project for sure.

Unknown said...

I like the CF option; it gives you a little more sense of security. PC users will appreciate DCam Capture which can also record video. I posted a short review on my blog.

Jim Poor said...

Any chance it works tethered wireless? One can dream . . .

Chris Bucher said...

I like this software a lot! I love that it works great with software that I already use and am proficient with (Lightroom)! It is very smooth and simple and does what I need it to do without a lot of extra fuss and confusion. Thanks for sharing this with us DT!

Unknown said...


Thanks for the mention of my software. I'm currently working on a much more fully featured (Mac & Windows) version but keep getting distracted by real life.

Unfortunately the limitation of only recording to the PC in liveview mode is a limitation of the camera.

I'm not planning on adding support for Nikon's wireless (as I don't have one) but I am keeping a close eye on WirelessUSB; its technically faster than WiFi and shouldn't need any extra work ... once someone adds Mac support.

If there's any features you particularly like - or dislike - drop me an email via the website and I'll try to make sure the new versions even better