Monday, May 11, 2009

Shooting for the fun of it

I have been in the process of remodeling our master bathroom for months, about 12 months to be exact. I've managed to install the new shower as well as the new clawfoot tub that my wife has been wanting for years.

This past weekend I decided to pull the camera and a flash out and practice a bit. This should be no surprise to past attendees of a Small Strobes, Big Results workshop. I am always telling them to practice with their strobes, I do and you should too.

I shot in and around the partially re-modeled bathroom, focusing in on more detail shots that would make for a great grouping as a wall hanging. Even though these images where shot in color, I prefer the antique or aged B/W.

I used a single Nikon SB-800 flash set to remote and I used an SU-800 command unit to fire the strobe. I hand held the strobe for most of the photos, one I actually just laid the strobe down in the tub to scatter the light for one of the shots.

As a reminder, I'm holding a Small Strobes, Big results Workshop in Buffalo, NY on June 28th. We'll be shooting in the historic Central Terminal Train Station. This is going to be a fantastic location to shoot in. I hope to see a lot of you Toronto folks at this workshop.


Unknown said...

I couldn't believe when I saw the date for your Buffalo workshop. It's the only weekend I'm away shooting a wedding all summer. Hopefully I'll catch you next time.

Unknown said...

Very nice! Was this actually shot at twilight with orange gels, or did you get the blue light by monkeying with the white balance?

I'm planning on a major home remodel this summer - hoping to do plenty of before and after pics. Another chance to practice...

David Tejada said...

Sammy: I actually shot these at about 4:30 in the afternoon. I shifted my WB in the camera to Tungsten and I gelled the flash head with 2 cuts of CTO's.

Anonymous said...

Great bathroom shots David. Ive been trying myself to make sure I take the time to get in my own personal shoots.

Jon - Jon C. Haverstick | PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Hey David,

Great shots, though you have to be careful telling people you're "taking pictures in the bathroom."

Here's a couple of my favorites taken in the "library"
(shot with your ringlight adapter)

Got some funny looks coming out the "library" with a camera and tripod, but got the shots!

By the way, my students are still buzzing about the Wednesday night session you did here in OC. Came up again last night in regard to your comment about always including a person in your frame for reference.