Monday, December 03, 2007

Quarry Results

I got back from our quarry shoot mid day on Saturday. At first glance I'd say that I am pleased with the results. We had nice weather to shoot in, and the Salinas valley is beautiful. We also managed to squeeze in some personal shooting in Monterey and San Francisco.

Erik and I arrived in SFO at 11:00 am on Wednesday, we had a short 2 1/2 hour drive south to the Salinas valley where the quarry was located. We had a bit of a scare regarding Erik's ID (Drivers License), during the flight he was unable to locate where he put it. He didn't remember putting it back into his wallet and he searched and searched for it, checking each pocket several times. At some point, I suggested looking in his shoes. Now a days, we all have to remove our shoes and perhaps his ID ended up there? Sure enough, there it was in the right shoe!

I was warned before leaving on this job that the quarry was small and not all that interesting. I actually found the quarry nice, small, clean and compact.

We arrived at around 2 pm, put our steel toed boots and other safety gear before driving into the quarry. One thing which we forgot to take with us into the quarry was the Canon G9, which we use to film our videos. Needless to say, we have no video from our first day shooting. We made sure to have it available the following morning for sunrise though.

Here are some of the images shot the first day, The video of the following mornings photography will be posted very soon. DT


Ethan said...

Great results so far! I've been going through your blog archives for a few days now, and I really enjoy the level of detail and the depths of examples you provide. Thanks!

Will Foster said...

"not all that interesting." Yeah right! If that is true, you apparently worked some magic! That quarry looks great, it looks fresh, and clean(ish). Great work David! I will look forward to the video! :)

Anonymous said...

Great series of images. I'm looking forward to some sunrise shots. Also, please post your personal Monterey and SF photos. I love that area and don't get there enough.

Anonymous said...

hello david.
my name is Ana Pereira.
I discovered your blog and your video tutorials recently and they have been a huge help/training in terms of lightning specially.
please keep on teaching us.
best wishes