Friday, December 07, 2007

iPod MoJo

If your a traveler like I am, you've seen this view before. Why is it I always sit over the wings? and I'm not talking about the exit row.

I spend a lot of time flying around the country on various assignments which leaves me with lots of free time on my hands. While I was on my most recent trip, I realized how much I use my iPod while traveling.

I currently have a video iPod which allows me to download video podcasts and store photos on to it. One of my favorite past times while flying is watching podcasts and listening to music (Van Halen of course).

What I like about the podcasts is that it is a way to continually educate myself about a verity subjects. I love learning new things all the time. One of my favorite podcasts has to be "Lightroom Killer Tips" hosted by Matt Kloskowski. Matt works with NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) You can find his podcast through iTunes. It's great to learn new things while having to sit on an airplane. A few other podcasts that I enjoy watching are Radiant Vista and PhotoWalkthrough, both available through iTunes.

Another wonderful use for the iPod other than podcasts and music is the ability to store your portfolio on it. You never know who you might meet during your travels, perhaps someone who hires photography services. It could happen! I have a complete portfolio of my images stored on my iPod for just that occasion should it happen. If you don't know, I use to be a flight attendant and a passenger on my flight (professional photographer) changed my life! You can read the story here. So you really don't know who you might run into, when opportunity knocks, be ready!

The screens on these iPods look great, and now apple has a larger touch screen version. I looks much like the iPhone with a larger screen. I've put a link here to see it. At some point I may pick one up, I hope my wife is reading this.

I can't stress enough how important it is to continue your education. I've been shooting a long time and I still seek out new information regarding photography. I actually have plans on attending two workshops in the next few months. I've been signed up for months and can't wait to attend. I'll let you know who's workshops I'll be attending in later posts.

More to come. DT


Josh McCulloch said...

Hey David,

Thanks so much for putting all this effort into your blog, I'm always excited when a new post pops into my RSS reader, and I learn something new every time I visit...

I agree with you wholly about learning new material. Though I've only been shooting professionally for less than 2 years, I'm constantly trying to keep my brain at the just about to explode level as I cram as much information as I can into it, and supplement that info with experience as often as possible. As to conferences, I'm attending the ASMP Strictly Business 2 in LA in January, maybe I'll see you there!

Thanks again for sharing your blog with us.

Cheers, Josh
Josh McCulloch Photography

n506 said...

Funny you have some work on your ipod, which is kinda similar to what I do. I, without fail, have my mobile phone in my pocket (Sony Ericsson K800i) so I put my portfolio on it and can let people have a glance at my work right off. It's a great way to have your portfolio on you all the time and not have to carry anything you wouldn't normally.

Steve Ashton said...

David I can't thank you enough for the time and effort you put into this blog. I am starting to develop my business in the UK down the route of industrial photography and each of your blog posts gives valuable advice and new ideas. Many Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know you used to be a flight attendant. That's great! I am nearly in the same boat as you once were, except I am an airline pilot looking switch to photography. I love traveling and the challenges of flying, but I hate being a part of a giant company and having very little control over my destiny. Before reading your blog I didn't know industrial/corporate photography was an option. Thanks for opening my horizons.

If you are interested to see what life is like working at the airlines these days check out my gallery at:

Thanks again for posting.

Unknown said...


Like you I live off my iPod. Had (well, still have) an 60GB Video iPod, but went for the touch as I decided to wait a version or two on the iPhone. That screen size makes a huge diference. Plus, there is a little plastic doohicky that stands it up at the perfect angle to watch on an airplane tray. Money way well spent.
(CC your wife)

BTW - thanks for all you do.