Thursday, December 06, 2007

Quarry Video

I finally found the time to put this latest video together. Been running crazy for the past several days. As I had mentioned on a previous post, I only have video for the second day of our shoot at the quarry. The first day, the G9 (which we use to film) was left in another car and we were to busy to retrieve it. This video is showing the sunrise photography only, I'll try to remember to keep the camera closer. I hope you enjoy it. DT


J Bishop said...

keep up the great work mr. tejada....i check out your blog daily....tonnes of great the behind the scenes look at interaction between the models and you. cheers from canada...jamie bishop

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

I think this is one of your most interesting video's so far. It's these small real life things that I learn from the most. Interaction is certainly key when you are working with ordinary people.

I'm looking forward to the next video.


Unknown said...


Another great video, very informative with lots of great tips. I've been wondering about a couple of things though. Are your clients usually OK with you posting images they commissioned from you on the internet? And if you get workers from the site, do you get them to sign model releases?

Keep up the fantastic work, looking forward to your next post.


Anonymous said...

I highly appreciate you sharing your photography work flow and taking the time making educational mini tutorial podcast, I found your blog through strobist and I may say this is one of the best photography blog/podcast.

More power to your blog/podcast

-Reynan (from philippines)
-newbie nikon user

Sean Phillips said...

Great video! I love to see the different angles you take, and the discussion of how you work with the "models" was great too. Those shots you took with the 80-200 are fantastic!

christian said...

This is absolutely fantastic. I was always looking for information like this, how you work with the models and everything. Thank you so much!

Mieng Saetia said...

Mr. Tejada, thank you for this excellent video. I really enjoyed your narrative that allowed us to see what your thought process is, and what it is like when you're on the job. The photos came out looking great and I hope you are encouraged to do more videos like these in the future. Your blog is very encouraging for someone like myself who is starting out in photography. I can't say that I'm young (29 going on 30) but I can relate to you when you say that you wish you would have found photography earlier in life. Keep up the great work.

Mike said...

Dear David,

Very cool video. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and showing us what happens on a shoot such as this. Very interesting. Love your blog and your photography.

Kind regards,