Monday, January 06, 2014

High Speed Sync

My Austrian friend Eric turned me on to this interesting fact. If you use a RadioPopper JRx receiver and a RadioPopper PX Transmitter together, you can get high speed sync.  The photo above was shot with the following settings. Nikon D800, ISO 100, 24mm, 1/5000, f/2.8. I am able to get high speed sync using my Lumedyne strobes as well as my new FalconEyes SG-100.
I pick up this FalconEyes SG-100 flash while teaching in Europe last month. You can see a complete review on this product HERE.

Here is the lighting set up for the photo at the top of the page. The battery for the FalconEyes SG-100 has two Sony batteries inside the black box.  It gives you a lot of pops.

You can see the RadioPopper Jrx hooked up to the FalconEyes SG-100.  This flash is not as powerful as my Lumedynes, I was able to get high speed sync with the Lumedynes up to 1/8000.  When my power setting on the Lumedyne was full power, 800ws.  At 1/8000 of a second at 800ws I notice a very, very slight shading at the bottom of the frame.


Christophe Glaudel - Photographer from Paris said...

Hell David. Can you be more specific to explain the possibility to get High speed sync with Px and JRx. I know the RP work together (PX system can trigger JRx receiver) but RP team never communicate on this feature. i.e. You set the flashes on manual mode then attach them to a RP cube then at a JRx receiver ; and command this using a RadioPopper PX Transmitter attached to your canon or nikon flash set in HHS on the camera and it works ?? Amazing. I own a Jrx system and would be glad to use them on HHS purchasing a RadioPopper PX Transmitter ....

Unknown said...

David -

Does this also work with speedlites? Or is the flash output at short durations too low?


Barrios Mx said...

Hi David! The Falcon eyes is so interesting, then I have got my Falconeyes one month ago, I wonder to know if the Falconeyes can be controlled (the power) by the RadioPooper, This question come because I read you other article where you talked about this posibility with your other strobit, then, Is posible controlled the Falconeyes's power trought with RadioPooper?

Thanks too mutch by your time!. regards from me to you.

Atte Manuel from México!

David Tejada said...

You can use Radio Poppers or any other trigger devise. Just understand that you will not be able to control the power from your shooting position.

David Tejada said...

Chris. It works with Speedlights as well. I use the SB-800. I get about 2 stops more light then when using the CLS system. After a closer look at my images, I would say the the lower portion is a bit brighter in the image.... easy fix for the increase of power. DT