Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chickens In The Studio

Today I took my chickens into the studio for a few pictures.  I wanted a clean white set up and a nice reflection under them.  I used tile board for the surface the chickens are standing on, the white seamless reflects perfectly on the surface.  Here are a few set up photos to show you how I put this together.  You will notice that I placed some black panels to help minimize the possible flare from lighting a white background.

I used a beauty dish to light the chickens, the dish also had a sock over the face of it to soften the light a bit.

 The chicken show above is only a stand in.  My wife once made diapers for chickens she sold at a county fair, Crazy! The next photos show the lighting of the background, one SB-800 on either side to light it evenly.


philadelphiaphotographer said...

Chicken keeping is popular here in Philadelphia. My wife ordered 3 chicks online and they were delivered by the postal service! I've haven't taken them into the studio but I've shot two videos, the first was for a psychology class. I taught our Buff Orpington to recognize the Queen of Hearts from a deck of cards and the other was an interview with an urban chicken keeper for a Final Cut class. Eggs are an added bonus.

philadelphiaphotographer said...

Hi David,

Funny how urban chickens are now chic. My wife ordered three chicks online and they came in the mail! They're full grown hens now and I've really grown to like them. While I have shot video of them I have never brought them into the studio, maybe if they had diapers! I did teach one of them to recognize the queen of hearts in a deck of cards for a psychology class. You know the B.F. Skinner operant conditioning thing. Did you bribe them with food and if so what did you use?