Sunday, June 29, 2014

UPAA Symposium

I was recently invited to speak and conduct 3 mini workshops at this years UPAA symposium.  It was held at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama.  The photo below was created to show how to produce a proper bounce technique.

The flash which produced the bounce was placed behind the subject on camera left. With a set of barndoors on the Nikon flash, I aimed the flash over the subject to the wall camera right.  I allowed a small amount of light to strike the model, providing a small amount of rim.  I also placed a flash at the end of the hallway we were shooting with a orange gel.


Interface said...

That's a really nice shot, and great colour. Any particular reason for the barn doors? Could you get a similar result with a grid?

David Tejada said...

Yes you could use a grid as well. You still would need a wide enough spread to hit your subject on the way to the wall. DT