Saturday, July 07, 2012


A few weeks back, I was shooting for a client at a location in Summit County, near Winter Park Ski Resort.  After the shoot, I took a few extra hours with my assistant John and photographed some moving water on a local stream.  My exposure was f/20 at 2 seconds. 

We had an opportunity to move around the stream a bit and managed to get a few additional images. Let's take a look at a few of them.

I cooled down the color temp of the water portion of the photo, Perhaps a bit to much... Your thoughts?  The exposure was f/16 at 1/4 second.

Here's another view of the same stream.  The exposure on this one is f/22 at 1 second.

Here is the last image of the same stream just a bit further down stream.  The exposure here was f/22 at 1/4 second.  I love slow exposures when shooting moving water.  I carry a few ND (neutral density) filters in my bag just in case I need to reduce the exposure for a longer shutter speed.  DT


Fraccion Trash said...

The third image is my favorite as you don't really see anything like that normally and it's not something your typical photographer would think to create. Good work as always.

Andy deBruyn said...

Very nice pictures. No, the coolness doesn't bother me. All in all, a lovely set.