Sunday, July 29, 2012


Available light can be so beautiful!  My son Chris asked if I could take some photos of his girlfriend for her senior photos.  This is Lauren. I spent a few hours with the two of them shooting in various location close to home.  Her parents wanted a few shots around their home and I had a few locations in mind as well.

I took the above photo of Lauren on an enclosed patio at the Highlands Ranch Mansion which is close to my home.  There was an open arch on camera left and another to the rear and right.  Look like it was studio lit to me, sometimes you get really lucky with a location.

The photo above was shot under threatening skies, periodic showers would interrupt our scheduled shoot by my pond.  I placed an SB-800 back by the fence fitted with a full CTO gel on it to simulate late afternoon light. Lauren is lit by a FourSquare with a few SB-800's inside.

Here I placed Lauren on the shady side of a tree at the H.R. Mansion, Chris is holding the FourSquare on camera right.  My exposure is based on the ambient and then under exposed. The flash is used to pull the subject out of silhouette.

This last photo was taken with available light at her parents house.  An older daughter was photographed in the backyard and Lauren's mother wanted one shot there as well.  This is only the second Senior photo I've taken, both as favors.  I had a wonderful time photographing Lauren, Chris really like it as well.

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