Monday, March 05, 2012

Enjoying Dubai

I had my first day teaching my Small Strobe, Big Results workshop at the GPP yesterday. I had a wonderful class and we had a great time using our flashes. Here are just a few from our efforts.

The lighting in this photograph was a single SB-800 shot through a large piece of Rip-Stop nylon taped to a glass door. I used a long lens to compress the background, focusing your eye on the model.

This photo was lit using a large Octa camera left quite far out in front of our model, she is receiving only the feather edge of the light. The back ground is simply the ambient light in the rear of the room.

Here we used only a set of barn doors and the very bright ambient light in a lobby on campus. I would of loved to have the lamp light showing however the ambient levels were so high that they wouldn't hold.

Today is another SSBR workshop, I having fun! DT

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Andor said...

All three shots are nice, but the first portrait is really awesome!