Thursday, March 15, 2012

Photo from Dubai 2012 GPP

I'm headed to the airport just now, but wanted to put up a photo from last weeks GPP workshops. I'm headed to Ghana for a 10 day assignment so I will be pretty much out of touch. Let me leave you with this, and I will explain how it was lit on my return. Sorry for the short post, got a run. DT

As it turns out, I have a 4 hour delay here in DC for my flight to Ghana. Thought I'd run through the process for making the photo above. The location was the Kempinski Hotel at the Mall of Emirates in Dubai. I was told that we were shooting in a $10,000.00 USD a night room. It was a 3 bedroom with a view of the Ski Resort in the mall. Yes, a ski resort in the shopping mall, only in Dubai.

The lighting outside the windows over the ski resort was a Mercury Vapor type lighting. By shifting my white balance on the camera to tungsten, the color of those lights went very blue. The ambient light in the room was a clean tungsten, however the light over the bed was dialed down by use of a rheostat. Dialing down that light made the color temp drop below a true tungsten level. I used a single SB-800 fitted with a Rouge Grid, the speedlight was also fitted with a full cut CTO to balance with the tungsten setting on the camera. DT

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Andor said...

Amazing shot - solved the problem of 'tricky' ambient WB excellent, while still looks pretty natural!