Monday, May 23, 2011

SaberStrip Wow!

While in Dubai this past March, my friend Zack Arias told me about the SaberStrip light modifier. I had an opportunity at my recent SSBR workshop to try one of them out. This is a very clever modifier, with a tremendous amount of versatility. The SaberStrip is extremely lightweight, easily mounted and can be hidden easily due to it's small foot print.

The set up shot below shows the placement of the SaberStrip. I have a FourSquare™ on a boom and the SaberStrip on a stand below. In this sort of glamor lighting situation, a reflector is often used to return the overhead light to fill the shadows and provide a catch light in the subjects eye.

I've found that using a light, (SaberStrip) rather than a reflector provides a simple and effective lighting solution.

By using an actual light, (the SaberStrip will hold most popular speedlight) you can adjust the intensity of the light to your taste. Just as a production note, you'll notice out of focus lights in the background of the final image below. I hung white Christmas lights behind the subject just for effect.


Jon - Jon C. Haverstick | PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Hi David,

I must have been channeling the spirit of Tejada... Several months ago, I built something similar to the Sabrestrips for less than $20 in parts from the Home Depot photography aisle - a 12-foot section of vinyl gutter material was the biggest expense:

Works great! Use 'em all the time.

Bryan Leighty said...

I've been using the SaberStrip for quite a while. Have had the opportunity to use them in numerous setups and environments (they are great in wind that would topple an umbrella!). Very portable as well.
Lots of my current work incorporates at least one saberstrip..