Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Love My iPhone

What I really love about this phone is the camera and all the photo Apps that are available today. While teaching in Dubai this past March, Zack Arias introduce me to "Instagram".

Instagram is sort of a photo twitter where you can share your photos... photos that you take with your cell phone. The App has various filters you can use to enhance your photo before posting to Instagram or other sites. You can up load your images at the same time to sites like Facebook and Twitter. I really think you need to check this out, I follow several shooter and I encourage you to follow my work as well. Follow davidtejada.

There are other Apps I'm have fun with as well Hipstamatic, Cameramatic, Camera+, and Pinhole. Here are a few images using some of those Apps mentioned here.

I must say, my iPhone is quickly replacing my snap and shoot camera. DT

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