Monday, April 18, 2011

Putting The CEO In His Place

I've been busy shooting a lot of corporate portraits recently. A few weeks back I was shooting for a high tech company in Boulder, Colorado. I shot several head shots in a small conference room, similar to the video I have posted at YouTube.

Aside from the head shots, I was ask to create a special portrait of the CEO. The company I was shooting for is in the business of developing innovative microRNA to treat cardiovascular and muscle diseases. I felt a portrait of the CEO in one of their high tech labs was fitting for the boss.

I scouted several labs on their premises and selected one which gave me a good depth to work with. I wanted the background to go soft, so I needed a bit more length in the room to do so. The lighting was quite simple, I had windows in the back of the room which I was able to turn cool by using a white balance of tungsten on my camera. Doing so, meant that I had to turn my key light into a tungsten flash.

My main light was a 30" X 30" FourSquare with a single SB-800 gelled with a full cut CTO. Here is a set up shot for your reference.
You will also notice that I placed a reflector on a stand to bounce some additional light on the shadow side of my subjects face.

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