Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Doing The Dubai Bounce

One of my favorite light modifiers is a simple bounce. If you have ever attended a SSBR workshop you know this about me. I look for surfaces that available near a setting that will serve my purpose. During my 2 day Corporate/Industrial workshop, I used a nearby wall to light my subject. Here is the final image showing the results of my bounce.

The ambient light in the office was tungsten, I set my camera white balance to that and also gelled my strobe to balance with that setting. By placing a full cut CTO on my flash, I am able to produce a natural skin tone on my subject.

I placed my flash just to the left of my subject or camera right. I had a flag on the flash, preventing any raw light from striking my subject. When I bounce, I want to make certain that my subject receives only light produced from the bounce and not from the hard raw light from the flash. Here is the bounce as a reference.

At each of my workshops, I make it a point to demonstrate as many setups and modifier uses as possible. If your interested in learning how to produce studio quality light from your speedlights, join me at a Small Strobes, Big Results workshop. My next workshop will be held May 14th in Denver, for more information click HERE.

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