Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dallas PPA - Thanks

This past Tuesday I was the guest speaker at the May meeting of the Dallas chapter of the PPA (Professional Photographers Association) I wanted to extend a special thanks Elena Hernandez for the invitation to Dallas.

What a treat it is to meet the many friends I've made via this blog face to face. We had a packed house, I'd say about 100 or so crammed into the hotel conference room. Thanks so much for making me feel so welcomed. I look forward to my next visit to the Dallas area. DT

I have several up coming workshops I thought I'd mention to you. I'll be teaching in Vienna and London for PhotoPress Productions, for more information regarding these workshops click HERE.

I'll also be in the North East teaching at the Maine Media Workshops in Sept. A full week of loction lighting Lite & Compact using small strobes. More info HERE.

I also have two Mentor Series Treks later this year. Newport Rhode Island & Egypt

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