Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Web Site

A couple of week ago, I signed up for a trial account at a web site company called Squarespace. If you've ever listened to the Podcast "LightSource Photography" hosted by Bill Crawford and Ed Hidden, you'll be familiar with this company. Squarespace is a regular sponsors of the Podcast.

I haven't up dated my web site in years, mostly because it required having my web master (my wife, Debbie) to handle those changes. She has her own clients and I always felt as though I was taking her time away from her clients. I was looking for a web hosting and web development company that I could easily manage myself and one that wasn't going to break the bank.

I really like the all the options available at Squarespace, I'm able to incorporate my web site, photo galleriers and blog all at one site. They have seamless blog importing from Blogger, WordPress and other blog platforms. For those of you that have an iPhone, they now have an iPhone application allowing you to check your site, post to your blog, and see your traffic while your on the road! Another pretty nice feature are the Social Intergration widgets they have, allowing you to aggregate data from across your various social networks completely within the Squarespace invironment.

It's nice to have a web site that I can update as often as I wish without feeling that I'm imposing on my wife's time. Squarespace has several price packages that fits every pocket book. I chose the Pro lever for about $200 per year, it allows several up grades that a basic package does not. I've looked around a bit at different services and I felt that Squarespace offered the most for the price. Check them out.

I also like the fact that I have a blog incorporated right into my new site, I'll continue using Blogger for the time being as it seamlessly imports directly into my Squarespace site. I hope you'll take a few moments to visit my new site, look at some new images and perhaps also check out Squarespace for yourself. DT


Andy Q said...

David- great tip. I have looking around to have everything integrated into one platform. The price looks fantastic. Let me ask you, how much custom flexibility is there on their designs?

Randy Vanderveen said...

David: You will be glad you are using them. I have used Squarespace for three years for my website and their customer service is second to none. The templates are clean and easy to work with and easy to update. Randy

Chris Sucher said...

I love Squarespace. I moved our city's soccer club website to them and they have solved a lot of headaches for us. There support is outstanding too.

Chris S.

Thorsten said...

I like the new site David. And a very timely post this is too as I'm currently on the look out for a suitable solution to build my own site on. This looks promising.

I couldn't help but notice you like squares - "Squarespace", "Foursquare"... :)

Scott said...

The site looks great. I've tried Squarespace, but I didn't have much luck with the portfolio sections. I'm must be missing something.