Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Philly Nikonian's Lighting Workshop Results

What a busy week! I've been in Philadelphia for a week now and I looking forward to getting home. I started the week teaching a Popular Photography/America PHOTO "Mentor Series Trek", and the last 2 days of the week teaching a Nikonian's lighting workshop.

I must say, the Nikonian's workshops are a blast, we had a great group of people who left the workshop in full command of their flashes. During a two day workshop, you too can learn to master your flash!

I want to send a special thanks our model for the day, Diamandi! Thanks so much for your time and efforts during the workshop, you were a true delight.

The photo at the top of the post was the last image of the day. I used a small boom with a 43" shoot through umbrella with one SB-800. The background light was created using another SB-800 on a Justin Clamp and aimed at the back wall. You might think that I had a blue gel on this strobe in order to get the blue light on the background. Keep reading.

This photograph was taken way down in the basement of a fantastic studio in Philadelphia. I rented the Power Plant Productions Studios for the workshop, and if you ever need a studio in this past of the country give Jim Graham a call.

Rather then carrying all my gear down to the basement, we hand carried what we thought needed for the few shots we were doing. As I mentioned above, the main light was a 43" inch umbrella boomed over Diamandi. This flash had a full cut CTO gel placed over the flash head and my white balance was set to 3030* Kalvin (a bit lower than incandescent). With this combination, the light coming from the main light has a natural balanced look.

In order to get the blue cast on the wall, the strobe behind Diamandi had no gel on the strobe and therefore, turned blue due to the White Balance setting on the camera. One of the things that we did not carry down to the basement was a grid or some other light shaping tool for the background.

Out of pure desperation, I took the lens shade off of my 80-200 mm zoom lens, and placed it over the flash in order to shape the light on the back wall. You do what you need to do in order to make a shot.

Diamandi brought candles with here and they made for a nice effect in the photo. One of the students in the workshop, Roberta, took out here iPhone and played some music to set the mood. Here is a photo of the lens shade over the flash aimed at the back wall.

I'll post more from this workshop as well as from the Mentor Series portion of my week in the next several days. I have a busy schedule over the next few weeks and I will do my best to keep up the blog.... hang in there please. DT


bood said...

Dear David, that's was really nice topic. I like the using of few and simple equipmints with a amazing output :)

It's really small strobes, BIG RESULT PHOTO.

Keep it up brother.

Abdullah Saeed

b72 said...

hi David,
Great shot of the day there!
Thanks for the tip of the no-blue-gel-needed-w/t-correct-white-balance. I must try this myself!!

(like your blog btw :)


philadelphiaphotographer said...

Hi David,

Did you make it down to Geno's for a cheese stake? Sorry I missed you.


Robert Hammar said...

Looks nice David. Thanks for sharing!

Jeff Storch said...

Hello David,
You struck a chord with the Doylestown Photography Club..there was a tremendous buzz after the evening you spoke..apparent with the many positive comments made on our google groups club site. Many of us were revitalized and stimulated....including the cat that attended your presentation. Thank you for sharing your tremendous insight, knowledge and expertise with us.
Very truly yours,
Jeff Storch
Doylestown, Pa.