Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Octa Quad Ring

After playing around with the new FourSquare a few days now, I decided to mount 4 cold shoes to the inside of an Octa Speed Ring I have. Mounting these 4 cold shoes on this speed ring will allow me the ability to use a larger modifier as well as the ability to preform high speed sync shots with greater efficiency.

The photo above shows the placement of the cold shoes and the photo below gives you a view from the rear. These four strobes should produce a good bit of light, whether using normal or high speed sync.


PiRho said...

LOL, Looks like you should attach a rocket to that sucker and use it to achieve escape velocity with it! let us know how it works out, using it in the field.

Unknown said...

Hey David,

What did you attach them with?


Unknown said...

Hi David! I too have this Octabox with speedring that fits a bowen type strobe. I got it really cheap from eBay. I only have 580ex speedlites so I am working on a very similar idea to mount the octabox on a flash bracket. I have found this hardware at Home Depot that (believe it or not) is used in the toilet but it fits perfectly with the speedring which allows it to freely rotate. I will be back to home depot/lowe's today to buy the rest of the parts. My current design can only fit one speedlite although I was contemplating on how to mount more than one using the FourSquare design. Your "Octa Quad Ring" gave me an idea how to do it. Thank you very much!!!