Saturday, June 13, 2009

Light Painting with Dave Black

Last night Dave Black and I conducted a light painting session for 2 groups of the Mentor Series Trek in Arches National Park. Dave has been light painting for years and he's a real pro at it.

The photo above was my first attempt as a test prior to the workshop participants arrival. The exposure was 30 seconds long, f/8 @ ISO 400. We used two, 2 million candle power flash lights to illuminate the rocks.

The photo below was taken just before we wrapped things up. I busted the ISO to 4000, 30 second exposure at f/3.5. The only illumination on the rocks was supplied by 2 cars passing by our location. On the right side of the frame you can see the glow of the city lights of Moab.

I got to bed last night at midnight and was up at it again this morning at 3:30 AM. We had a beautiful sunrise this morning at North Window Arch and we'll have another light painting session this evening. I'm having a wonderful time here, if you have never attended a Mentor Series Trek you should look into it. They have wonderful destinations to choose from and a great staff of people to insure that these treks are really successful.

Time for a 2 hour nap before heading out again. DT

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David said...

This is great! The UPAA group you spoke to yesterday did this a few years ago at delicate arch, this is the image I shot on that trip:

Wish I could have made your talk.