Friday, January 16, 2009

Philly SSBR Workshop

Just a quick note to let you know I have only 4 spots left for the Philadelphia Small Strobes, Big Results Workshop being held at Eastern State Penitentiary on March 20th. If your interested in attending you will need to let me know soon.

I have two other up coming workshops in April you might be interested in. The first being San Francisco April 13th and the other Orange County, CA April 16th.

I'll also be teaching a week long workshop for The Santa Fe Photographic Workshops in late March and in September I'll be in Maine teaching at Maine Media Workshops.

I am always interested in hearing for my readers, please let me know what subjects you would like me to post about. DT


J Oleham said...

how about nashville or atlanta? something in the southeast!

Matt said...

Yes, Atlanta would be great. There's a big photography community that I bet would be very interested in your teachings.

Nathan Varney said...

Will this be your first time coming to the edge of the earth (Maine)?