Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cultural Patterns

I'm currently working on a fun project for an old client of mine. My client is a global leader in the mining industry and has recently contracted with a traffic design firm to produce some new branding for them.

The design firm was contracted to produce a new global branding which will illustrate that my client conducts their business around the world. Rather than using a world map or showing a globe to illustrate my clients worldwide business interests, the design firm came up with the concept of using cultural patterns to illustrate their global interests.

I was asked to photography various pieces of artwork from those areas of the world my client conduct business in. I had several artifacts to photograph, portions of paintings, pottery, textiles and even a wood mask. The mask I had to photograph reminded me of the Jim Cary move "The Mask".

The design firm will be using only slices of the photographs as design elements on collateral material. Perhaps only showing an image an inch tall and perhaps 8 1/2" wide. This project is going to be an on going on as my client continues to collect more art.

Here are a few samples of the type of images I've been shooting.


Unknown said...

Did you use a Lightroom template to make the "prints?" They are beautiful, by the way.

David Tejada said...

Yes I did.

Debbi_in_California said...

Lightroom template? Where do I find that under the 'print' section? Yikes, I never use that section, I print out of Photoshop. I should change huh?

CB said...

Very cool. Always fun when you get to do something different.