Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Speed Ring Set Up

I've had several emails asking me about how I set up my strobe and speed ring combo. I have several speed rings in my arsenal, you don't need an expensive one to do this. This photos show a very inexpensive speed ring from... hell can't remember who's this is, it very cheap, but works.

I use a standard umbrella adapter with a 1/4 20 male post on it. The speed ring has 1/4-20 threads on one of the sides, all of my speed ring have it so I assume that they all do. I just screw the umbrella adapter into the speed ring. Here's another look at, just a bit closer.

When it comes to attaching my strobes to the speed ring, I simply use a "Justin Clamp" clamped to the ring. I use this method on all of my Octa's as well.

I hope this helps. DT

Wanted to also show another style of umbrella adapter.  This is one from B&H their impact design.  Here I'm fitting a speed ring which is designed for a Dyna-lite strobe head.  Hope this helps. DT


Terry said...

Thanks David,

The speed ring is by Photoflex. It comes along in a kit with their extra small softbox.

Now if Canon only had as good a flash system as Nikon... a guy can dream, right?

Happy holidays.

another photog said...

Thanks for sharing, David.

A couple of somewhat related questions.

1. What's the largest softbox you can fill with a single strobe such as the SB-800?

2. What's the trick to getting the softbox off of that type of speed ring? Currently I have to beat mine with a rubber mallet - heh.


Vincent said...

David, I was just on my way to bed when I read this post......man you made my day (again)! I have a 30x30" softbox belonging to a multiblitz monohead, I use it with my strobes but no way to easily fit on a stand (always difficult, fragile setups with clamps). Your post opened my eyes and I just drilled a hole in the speedring and attached a spigot that comes with the superclamp...tatata perfectmatch to put on an umbrella adapter. I send you some pics 2 morrow if you like (or put em on my blog if thats easier)

Thanks man I am off to the sack, have a nice day

David Tejada said...

Vincent: Go to Bed!

David Tejada said...

another photog. I use this set-up with all my boxes, XL - S. No secret getting the softbox off the ring. Use your wrist to angle the posts to the angle the hole is drilled. I put my thumb on the post near the ring and flex the pole to match the angle the hole was drilled. DT

satisfactionselling said...

One thing I don't get... How is the soft box attached to the whole set-up?

I clearly see that the strobe is attached to the ring with a Justin clamp.

But what is it that is holding up the soft box..??