Sunday, December 14, 2008

Private Mentoring is Always an Option

There have been several individuals asking about my availability for private mentoring. For those that prefer private one on one instruction rather than a workshop setting, I am available do just that.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I did just that with Mike Lavoie of Indiana. Mike was interested in attending the Indianapolis Small Strobes, Big Results workshop held several weeks ago. The workshop had sold out before Mike could secure a spot for himself. Mike was very interested in jump starting his lighting education and decided to arrange private instruction while visiting family in Colorado Springs during Thanksgiving. He had a wonderful time and I thought I'd share his comments with you here.

"I had viewed Davids work on line for several months. I was intrigued by the masterful speedlight techniques, blended with ambient light apparent in all his photos. The corporate work he was doing especially caught my eye. With the use of several speedlights, slaves and natural light, David is able to paint images with light in much the same way that the old masters painted on canvas.

I quickly realized that he was light years ahead of me and if I didn't have the intelligence to outright steal his secrets from his photos then I would have to ante up and pay for them. I contacted David and was told that he was holding one of his workshops in Indianapolis but that it was sold out. It worked out that I was spending my Thanksgiving holiday with family in Colorado and it was quickly agreed that I would meet David at his home near Denver for a "one on one" session.

His passion for the project was obvious the moment I arrived and the chemistry between us was immediate and comfortable. It started with the excellent coffee and jetted into high gear in a no non-sense, structured hands on course that has elevated my photographic thinking to the next level. I was able to use all the resources of Davids' studio, both software and hardware equipment. I was taken through several different lighting setups. This was not with the intention of my parroting his setups but rather to open the doors of my own creative vision. I cannot recommend a private session with David highly enough. It is money well spend, an investment in my business that will be returned many times over. Thank you, David!!!"


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You mentioned that you had 4 people on the Denver waiting list for your last workshop. Any chance we could do a small group meeting in Denver when you're in town?