Saturday, December 06, 2008

How About Some Light Painting

My assistant Erik Lawrence has posted a short video at YouTube at his blog showing how he created this photo using just a mag-lite. Light painting is a lot of fun and with digital now a days, you know what you have as soon as you shot it. You can read and see his video HERE.

Back in Sept. of 2007 I posted an article on this blog showing how I used a 1 million candle power flashlight to create this image of my stone path in my back yard. You can read more HERE.


Unknown said...

I read your post about this light painting with a great deal of interest and I particularly liked the pathway photo. It has stuck with me for some time, clearly, because when I saw the photo here:

I recognized it immediately.

I hope you knew it had been pirated, but I'm guessing you did not, since they're selling some paint product, which has nothing to do with your photograph...

David Tejada said...

J Rundle: Thanks for pointing this out. Please email me.