Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cleaning out my closet

I have some camera gear I'd like to sell and I thought I'd post it here. Have a look, if you're interested in any of these things please contact me via email.  All my gear is well taken care of, since I have to buy my equipment with my own money... I take care of my stuff.

Since buying my D700 and putting my D300 into a backup position in my case, I won't be needing this fine camera. I've shot with this camera since Sept. 2005, it's very clean and well taken care of. I've got the box, charger and all the stuff that comes with it.  I'm asking $1,575.00.
I have this really cool Nikon AF Fisheye 10.5mm f/2.8 G ED Lens.  Asking $550.00  Very very clean, for sure.

This is a Nikon 12-24mm f/4 AF-S G ED Lens.  This is a wonderful lens,  very clean, box and case.  Asking $750.00.

I also have a Nikon 85mm f/2.0 AI-S manual focus lens, well used, clean glass and very sharp. Asking $210.00.  The other lens is a Nikon 180mm f/2.8 AI-S ED lens, clean glass and very very sharp. Asking $280.00. 

Nikon camera body, F3/w MD-4 motor drive. Well used, many portfolio images created with this one, few nicks but a wonderful camera. Asking $375.00.

Last item for now, Nikon camera body N90 Works just fine...$60.00

I also have a complete darkroom system available.  Bessler 4X5 enlarger with cold light, film stuff, lens, carriers, trays  all of it.  Let me know. DT


David said...

Great gears! What the meaning of white papers with a gear name on it? Thank you.

Unknown said...

Waow! Belgium is too far to buy your superb D2x. Unfortunately.
However, small question. Why do you prefer the D700 instead of the D2x? And why not the D3?

LeggNet said...

Oh wow, I want that F3. I'm a Canon shooter now in digital, but I SOOOO coveted these back in the eighties when I shot with an FE and FM2.

Travis said...

So apparently, when I tried to research how many megapixels the F3 has, I found out that it only accepts "film."

What the hell is film?


George said...

David, What will you use for the D300 if you sell the fish eye and 12-24? Will you be buying new lenses for the D700? My reason for asking is that I have the D200 and am trying to decide on the D300 or the D700 as my next buy.

David Tejada said...

Hi George: I'll be buying a 14-24mm f/2.8 for the D700 as it is my primary camera now. If I need a wide angle for the D300, that lens should be fine. DT

George said...

David, Thanks for your answer. If it helps B&H has the photo show special of $50.00 off both the 14-24 and the 24-70.

David Tejada said...

Thanks George.